Brutalism Revival and Community Life in Toronto: Alexandra Road Estate

The inclusion of Alexandra Road Estate against Toronto’s Lakeshore transforms the typical vehicle oriented and high rise dominant site into a space meant for the public to gather and celebrate in.


Alexandra Road Estate is a low rise, mass housing complex consistent with 21st century brutalist architecture. It’s location situated between Exhibition Place and Ontario Place, required the creation of a network of large public streets and arterial walkways to connect both housing and nodes of event spaces.


Alexandra Road Estate commemorates and revitalizes traditional values of terraced housing in the city by achieving diverse spatial arrangements and a brutalist diversion from the modern belief of lightness and simplicity. It’s linear and repetitive structure accommodates multi-use interactive spaces such as roof gardens, terraces, parks, and a large central pathway.


Our open house encourages diversity for visitors and inhabitants, for all to embrace the surrounding waterfront environment and experience the built-in sense of community established at Alexandra Road Estate. Come and have fun at MusicFest, partake in street painting, get active in our bike marathons and enjoy our beautiful gardens. We welcome all to experience this dynamic and growing community.

Group members: Rafia Jabeen, Janell Chelliah,   Maryam Askender, Justine Fahey,  Kathryna Cuizon, Hannah Moslemy  and Megan So

03 . 2021