Guided Distractions - Corner Store Frenzy

This model conceptualizes our group's intervention to include aspects of play and animation within convenience stores to attract creative youth. We look at what items mean to the users and how these stores are designed to enable impulsivity. With this model, we investigate how the existing infrastructure of storage racks and fridges contains so much of what customers desire. The modular walls can be transformed into shared spaces or form unexpected patterns to visualize circulation patterns. The board itself shifts and turns, representing a space that can fluctuate and find ways to attract youth into certain spaces. Lastly, we enclosed the board game with a plexiglass lid with the facade engraved to give transparency as to what is contained inside.

Instructor: Reza Nik

Group Members: Daniel Bishay, Sarah Janelle, Jung Woo Kim

3.14 - 15.2022