Mimico Creek Watershed Study

This study addresses storm water run off in the residential neighbourhood along Mimico Creek. The Mimico Creek watershed is currently 80% urbanized; as natural vegetation cover is replaced by impermeable surfaces, the need for stormwater management strategies is prevalent. The health of the watershed is greatly affected by vehicular discharges and residential pollutants ultimately stressing the infrastructure in place to control these contaminants. Systems such as storm water pipes, gabion walls, natural vegetation cover and flood plains are all integrated to control stormwater run off. The quality of the creek is also analyzed through a comparison of local rainfall patterns in relation to the average levels of metals, nitrates, turbidity and total suspended solids per year. Lastly a lot analysis is performed to inspect the parts of which residential and commercial buildings can be improved. Integrated storm water management approaches would relieve stormwater burdens by implementing systems such as green roofs, porous pavement and retention ponds into the existing neighbourhood.

Instructor: Katy Chey

9 . 2018 - 12  . 2018