Multidisciplinary Urban Capstone Project: Public Art Service Stations

The Toronto Public Art Strategy developed with ArtworxTO and PROCESS is a ten-year plan that aims to strengthen and regulate the City of Toronto's commitment to public art. The strategy presents a vision to have public art spread all across Toronto and enhance community engagement through an understanding and celebration of the history, diversity and culture tied to each site. 


As the city continues to deploy strategies to enhance public art throughout the city, there continues to be a lack of public art services outside of the downtown core. Through an exercise in mapping in Figure 1, all art-related resources and community organisations in the city are located, to highlight the absence in neighbourhoods outside the core. An implementation plan to provide creative resources in public spaces would encourage artists to build relationships with the local community and allow for a celebration of neighbourhood diversity while contributing to Toronto’s social and economic wellbeing.

An extensive literature review and consultation process were performed through the distribution of a survey as well as one-on-one interviews with a range of stakeholders from experienced to emerging artists, art consultants, architects and local arts service organisations (LASOs). Derived from their advice, concerns and suggestions we arrived at the following requirements to integrate into the proposal: skills and technical training, professional development, community engagement, historic legitimation, resource accessibility, improved transparency and interdisciplinary partnerships. 


Proposal: Public Art Service Stations (PASS)

Public Art Service Stations are proposed as shared, mobile studio spaces distributed to connect community members with local artists in neighbourhoods of Toronto that lack arts-related organisations and resources. PASS will operate in shipping containers that are reconfigured to store various art supplies for public access. PASS will be located in public spaces such as parking lots or green spaces, measured by accessibility criteria and selected by community members through the PASSBook highlighted in Figure 2. The services provided are designed for users to share resources in a collaborative space, encouraging interdisciplinary partnerships and placemaking activities to emerge through the creation of public art. A four-phase implementation plan for PASS (Community Consultation, Station Distribution, Workshop Initiation and Impact Assessment) is formulated for ArtworxTO as illustrated in Figure 3 within the Pilot Project in Victoria Village.

Supervisor: Mark Fox

Clients: Katriina Campitelli and Nadia Galati

Team Members: Maria Alonso Novo and Irene Chang

Academic Thesis Project

September 2021 - April 2022

Project Poster