Nakashima Lamp, Casting

The Reception House was designed and constructed by George Nakashima, an architect, furniture maker, woodworker, and father to Mira Nakashima, the current president of Nakashima Woodworkers. His buildings are scattered across 12 acres of forest and open fields. These buildings became Nakashima’s home and studio space where he embraced traditional Japanese building principles of “ki-mon”; this term means “respect for the natural landscape and use of indigenous materials.” He formed a relationship between these principles and new innovations; building for functionality, necessity, and spirituality.

This project required me to select an object from the Nakashima Woodworkers Studio that embodied the principles he followed. I reproduced one of his lamps, modeled it using clay, and complemented it with other materials. This chosen lamp, originally made from wood, was a reflection of the way he viewed trees. Their souls are rooted in their core, and as they grow outwards exposed others to sensitivity and connection to nature. 

I then made a mold of the clay model using brush-on silicon and a plaster mother cast. The final cast is made of hydrocal.

Instructor: Angela Cho

1.30.2021 - 2.2.2021