Steven Holl Study // Void & Hinge Spaces

This is a study of Steven Holl's Void Space-Hinged Space Housing. The building is a mixed-use apartment complex consisting of 28 units and is located in Fukuoka, Japan.


Steven Holl transforms corridors into passageways, creates hinging interior spaces from moving walls, applies a rhythmic patterning of windows, and uses materials that reflect internal and external elements of the entire building.

Instructor: Sam Ghantous

1 .  2021 - 2 . 2021

An Iteration of Steven Holl's Void Space  //  Student Resident Building 

Steven Holl's concept of the hinge and void space is incorporated through the gesture of rotating a building mass on an axis point. Corridor passageways are then fit within the voids created by that gesture. Furthermore, the application of a glass facade onto the street-facing side of the single-loaded corridors allows for internal circulation to be viewed externally, south-sun exposure, and multiple spaces of interaction. Lastly, individual units interlock with public spaces to balance private and communal living.